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Greater Manchester’s urban woodland sequesters nearly 25,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.
The value of CO2e sequestered by Greater Manchester’s urban woodland is around £2m per year.

In total, nearly 430,000 buildings receive noise mitigation benefits due to Greater Manchester’s urban natural capital. In total, noise mitigation from natural capital is estimated at £59m per year.

Greater Manchester’s urban parks and woodland (based on the area within the urban boundary in Greater Manchester) have a combined cooling effect of 0.50 degree Celsius; Productivity losses avoided due to the cooling effect of Greater Manchester’s urban parks and woodland is estimated at over £2m per year.

Around 84,000 people meet their physical activity guidelines through visits to Greater Manchester’s greenspaces. The activity undertaken by these active visitors is associated with over 3,000 quality-adjusted life-year (QALYs) per year.

Welfare gains associated with active visits to greenspaces are estimated at nearly £63m per year. This physical activity is also associated with avoided direct and indirect health costs of inactivity of nearly £40 m per year.

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The Greater Manchester area is home to a wide and varied range of wildlife and natural habitats.

We have put together a number of links from partner organisations to find the best places to explore nature, a day out or even a mini wildlife break.

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Within the Greater Manchester Local Nature Partnership we have many volunteering opportunities among our partner organisations so please visit these links to see how you can help Greater Manchester’s special nature and amazing places.

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