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Greater Manchester Natural Capital Group

The Greater Manchester Natural Capital Group is one of 48 Local Nature Partnerships around England. The establishment of Local Nature Partnerships came about as a result of commitments made by Government in the Natural Environment White Paper 2011.

The Greater Manchester Natural Capital Group acts as an ambassador for the natural environment and consists of representatives from the public, private and third sectors. The Group provides advice to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority on strategic natural environment issues including delivery of the Climate Change and Low Emission Implementation Plan.

Through the work of the Greater Manchester Natural Capital Group and its partners a significant amount of evidence has already been produced and used to inform strategic policies on our natural environment. This helps us understand the opportunities as well as challenges for protection and enhancement of our natural assets.


Natural Environment

Our natural environment provides us with numerous benefits such as clean water, clean air, food, timber, flood protection and recreation.

The value of this natural capital and the benefits it provides need protecting and enhancing in light of pressures from people, the economy and climate change.

Conservation work

The Greater Manchester Natural Capital Group delivers the Local Nature Partnership in the Greater Manchester area.

We bring together partners to coordinate and strengthen local action to protect and improve their area’s natural environment.

Get Involved

Within the Greater Manchester Local Nature Partnership we have many volunteering opportunities among our partner organisations so please visit these links to see how you can help Greater Manchester’s special nature and amazing places.

Nature Greater Manchester

Nature Greater Manchester