Urban Pioneer


Greater Manchester is the home of the Urban Pioneer programme testing new tools and methods for investing in and managing the natural environment.

So this is about how we can have cleaner air and water in our cities, towns and suburbs, green roofs and walls, green paths and cycle networks and well managed public parks.


To make a clear and evident contribution to Greater Manchester’s natural environment, engaging and connecting people with nature, maximising their health and economic benefits through investment in the environment, creating sustainable growth and a good quality of life

Helping to create a natural liveable city region

The Urban Pioneer will explore the links between environment, society and economy, focusing on improving the natural environment through improved decision making. This will

  • Support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of Greater Manchester’s residents
  • Improve air quality and cool urban areas
  • Reduce risk of flooding
  • Create opportunities for recreation
  • Connect people with nature
  • Provide richer habitats for our wildlife, and protect threatened species
  • Bring communities together
  • Create prosperity for all in Greater Manchester 

How will this be achieved?

Click on the following links to find out more about what the Urban Pioneer is focusing on:

  • Developing the evidence base
  • Demonstrate a place based approach to delivery that improves policy and decision making
  • Creating a Natural Capital Investment Plan
  • Developing demonstrator projects that show the benefit of investing in nature
  • Developing and testing communications & engagement model

How will this be achieved?

For this to work, investment, time and resources needs to come from the private, public and third sectors.

  1. Investment to create, maintain and enhance our natural capital
  2. Leadership and political will to enable change at decision making level
  3. Engagement across all sectors
  4. New ways of working to ensure decisions are focused on natural capital and its benefits.

Through collaboration, we can identify solutions, raise the required funding and work together to tackle the environmental challenges we all face.

By doing this, we will create a more resilient, cleaner, greener city region in which to live, work, visit and invest.

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“Together there’s lots of things we can do across the city-region… to make sure people here have clean air to breath, and quality green spaces to enjoy…”

-Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester


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